Does aerating your lawn actually do anything or is it an upsell tactic?

Before I started landscaping I didn’t know what aeration was and when I did I thought it was so weird that the machine left dirt pellets on the lawn. But as I did more research I found out it was a very important step to help your lawn.

First, it helps break up any compacted soil from winter or from a summers worth of kids, mowers and animals compacting the lawn.

Secondly, it helps remove thatch in the lawn and promotes new growth. What is thatch you may ask? It is the layer of dead grass that is left over on the lawn from the winter season which makes it harder for the new grass to grow through.  

Thirdly, it helps oxygen and water (and fertilizer if you fertilize after aerating) get directly to the grassroots to help the grass roots grow thicker and deeper.

When should we aerate our lawns? We recommend twice a year, in the spring and fall. If we had to suggest only one time in the year it would be springtime. The winter really takes a toll on our grass in Utah, so lawn aeration is a perfect way to wake up your lawn and get it growing thicker. When we first bought our home we had thin grass which makes it easier for weeds to come in and flourish. Now our lawn is thick with minimal weeds due to aeration and fertilization. We have been diligent with bi-annual aeration and regular fertilization treatments to keep a nice thick and green lawn.

Next time you see those turf pellets on your neighbor's lawn remember how important it is to get your lawn aerated and give us a call.

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